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The East Bay Community Foundation believes that a strong social justice movement is a critical driver of change. We envision a Just East Bay where all members of our community are treated fairly, resulting in equitable opportunity and outcomes. We partner with communities to champion quality education for all students, fight for good jobs and affordable housing, build towards inclusive and equitable economies, and to amplify the voices that often go unheard.

Arts and culture plays a critical and an integral role in social justice movements. The East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF) recognizes the amazing power of the arts to inspire and bring us together. We are proud to collaborate with generous donors committed to strengthening and supporting the arts and culture ecosystem as we work toward building a Just East Bay.

East Bay Fund for Artists

Since its creation in 2003, the East Bay Fund for Artists has partnered with more than 9,500 community donors and more than 200 organizations to commission new works by over 300 local artists. The East Bay Fund for Artists has leveraged almost $3.1 million in new financial support for the arts in the East Bay.

In 2019, the East Bay Fund for Artists at the East Bay Community Foundation refined its programmatic focus to invest in individual artists and arts organizations rooted in low-income communities of color and other disadvantaged communities , to commission new work that advance racial justice and social equity, while also expanding their individual donor base through match grants. Based on research that showed that individual artists were not adequately compensated (if at all), this fund designates funding directly to the commissioned artist(s): composers, playwrights, choreographers, visual and media artists.

The fund is committed to the diversity of artistic practices and organizations as well as providing opportunities for disadvantaged communities to experience art that represents their culture and history in addition to building their own individual donor base to sustain their work.

The Fund was originally supported by “Leveraging Investments in Creativity,” a nationwide initiative of the Ford Foundation. The Fund is currently supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett and the donors of East Bay Community Foundation.

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