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Creating a New Economic Model that Values Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color

REAL People’s Fund is an innovative $10M community-governed and -led investment fund and entrepreneurship program, that is poised to move over $5M more into the community over the next few years.  

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The Movement Building Crisis: Fixing the Broken Talent Pipeline

EBCF co-hosted a first-of-its-kind gathering to address the crisis the movement-building ecosystem is facing in the Bay Area: How do we sustain organizing and power building for long-term change? 

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A crowd of community members gather at dusk at the edge of Lake Merritt in Oakland

Brandi Howard: To Dream. To Heal. To Belong.

Healing is an ongoing process, a journey that never truly ends. We must continually engage in this process, both as individuals and as an organization, because the oppressive systems that have caused so much harm still exist.

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Brandi Howard: How Philanthropy Can Support Healthy Resilience in Our Community

Resilience should not be a solitary endeavor. Instead, it should be bolstered by resources, healing tools, and community support. And this is where philanthropy — and EBCF — must play a role. 

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Funding the Connective Tissue of Communities

Tommy Wong, founder of Civic Design Studio, is a testament to the unique benefit of unrestricted grants for art that drives narrative and social change.

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The Case for Unrestricted Funding for Black-Led Organizations

Unveiling Black leadership’s history, challenges, and the transformative role of initiatives like ASCEND: BLO in philanthropy.

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New Breath Foundation’s Trust-based Approach to Breaking Barriers in Philanthropy

Eddy Zheng’s New Breath Foundation combats systemic racism and invisibility of AANHPI communities through trust-based philanthropy.

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Women’s Catalytic Fund: A Collective Approach to Funding Grassroots Gender Justice Movements

The Women’s Catalytic Fund supports East Bay organizations promoting gender equity, prioritizing BIPOC and female/non-binary-led groups, empowering grassroots movements.

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Building People Power in the East Bay

Grantee partners of the Community Organizing, Power Building, and Movement Building program strategy shared common concerns and goals at a recent convening.

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Community Advocate Uplifts West Oakland Nonprofits 

Learn more about how a local community advocate uses a donor-advised fund to deliver equity to grassroots organizations in West Oakland.

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Oakland: The Home of Latinx-led Power Building

Learn the local history and impact of the community leaders behind some of the largest Latinx-led nonprofits in Oakland.

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Reproductive Justice Is Racial Justice

Abortion bans disproportionately affect people of color and people with low income and that’s why we believe that reproductive justice is racial justice.

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Investing in Black Led Organizations is Key to an Equitable Pandemic Recovery

Bay Area Black-led organizations (B.L.O.s) make up a strong, vibrant network of community anchors that have served as the backbone …

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Portrait of Jim King

Jim King Thinks Bigger

Learn how Jim feels he can give back using a Donor Advised Fund. Jim’s commitment to helping others has been a driving force in his life.

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Community Is the Key: Lessons of Resilience During COVID-19

Leaders of three community organizations share powerful insights from the frontlines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Video: Moving at the Pace of Trust

A new video demonstrates the power of the COVID-19 African American Education & Outreach Partnership which has distributed $2.4 million to community-based organizations across the country.

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Portraitof Weylin and Roselyn Eng

Donor Profile: Weylin Eng

A California Legacy Weylin Eng and his family’s California story begins over a hundred and fifty years ago and spans …

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East Bay Clinics Making Vaccines Accessible for Communities of Color

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating toll on the East Bay community and has hit communities of color hardest. …

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Portrait of Arnold Perkins

Donor Profile: Arnold Perkins

Anybody who spends more than five minutes with Arnold Perkins invariably leaves with a smile on their face. Arnold has …

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Portrait of Bib Tiphane

Donor Profile: Bibi Tiphane

Donor Profile: Bibi Tiphane Bibi Tiphane moved to Silicon Valley from Montreal in the early 1980s to become one of …

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