Add Assets To Your Fund

As an EBCF fund advisor, there are many ways you can transfer funds into your account. EBCF can accept the following assets:

  • Cash, credit card, or publicly-traded securities can easily be used to add philanthropic resources to a fund
  • Closely held stock, real estate, or other real assets
  • Complex Assets

Please note: Some gift types may require approval from EBCF’s Board of Directors.

Gift Delivery Instructions for Fund Advisors

In order to process your gift, our Finance team must have three pieces of information:

  • Donor information
  • Name of the fund to be credited
  • Details of the gift

Please provide these details by email at or by phone at 510-208-0811.

Payment Methods

Invest Your Funds

As an EBCF fund advisor, you can choose to invest your funds in one of four pools: a cash pool, a short-term pool, intermediate-term pool or a long-term pool. Use the Investment Change form to make recommendations for your investment allocations. Typically, fund advisors do not change their investments often, but when appropriate, EBCF will accommodate these changes on a quarterly basis.

Make a Gift to EBCF

Unrestricted gifts made directly to East Bay Community Foundation are the best way to make an immediate impact on the present and future of the East Bay. All gifts made to EBCF are tax-deductible (Tax ID/EIN 94-6070996).

Make a Grant Recommendation

Fund advisors can make your grant recommendations (which initiate grants to nonprofits) using your DonorCentral account.

Meet Our Fund Advisors

New Breath Foundation’s Trust-based Approach to Breaking Barriers in Philanthropy

Eddy Zheng’s New Breath Foundation combats systemic racism and invisibility of AANHPI communities through trust-based philanthropy.

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Diverse group of friends cleanup a park during a charity event. They are standing with their arms around one another.

Women’s Catalytic Fund: A Collective Approach to Funding Grassroots Gender Justice Movements

The Women’s Catalytic Fund supports East Bay organizations promoting gender equity, prioritizing BIPOC and female/non-binary-led groups, empowering grassroots movements.

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Building People Power in the East Bay

Grantee partners of the Community Organizing, Power Building, and Movement Building program strategy shared common concerns and goals at a recent convening.

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Fund and Grantmaking Policies

Fund advisor grant requests at East Bay Community Foundation are governed by our grantmaking and fund policies. These policies ensure that the philanthropic impact of grants made by EBCF align with the values of social justice and racial justice. These policies are periodically updated. All fund advisors should be familiar with these policies.