Our Transformative Approach

Donors who partner with us know that this is about more than grantmaking, it is about placemaking. It’s about creating conditions for a community to grow and thrive.

The core benefit of the community foundation model continues to be a foundation’s experiential, qualitative, and deeply personal knowledge of a specific community. We have begun to engage donors in a dynamic process of leadership, training, and organizing by inviting donors to partner with movements in their advocacy work.

As a donor, you are often asked to give money to leaders and activists but are less commonly asked to be active partners — to be a leader yourself. In considering our mission to create an inclusive, fair, and just East Bay, we seek to build and lift up the leadership of our donors and to invest in your capacity to be true long-term allies for change.

Learning & Leading Together

A donor organizing pilot program convened in 2019 and early 2020 built connections to community, social movements, and organizations, and deepened participants’ understanding of and investment in equity and social justice.

Engage in Social Change

Our giving vehicles, learning opportunities and events are just a few of the ways that you can become a part of the community of people dedicated to a more just East Bay and beyond.

We can help you align your philanthropic giving with your values, and ensure that all contributions have a meaningful impact in the community.

Working With Us Means You Receive:
  • A personal advisor to support you and your family with creating a strategic giving plan that meets your goals and interests, while learning about opportunities to address the structural root causes of the issues you care about.
  • Access to a team of local community leaders, organizers, advisors with an invaluable set of local relationships and knowledge. Our team knows the most pressing issues in the region and which organizations and leaders are tirelessly working toward solutions.
  • Administrative services to facilitate your grantmaking.
  • Options for investing your charitable assets in alignment with social justice values. Learn more about our investment strategy.

Doing your giving with the East Bay Community Foundation makes it possible to maximize the tax benefits and the impact of your philanthropy in the most efficient, knowledgeable and cost-effective way.

Our expertise spans more than 90 years of leading critical community initiatives and funding thousands of nonprofits throughout the region.

Ways to Engage

Open a Fund

If you’re ready to begin giving back to the East Bay and other communities you care about, consider opening a charitable vehicle with us. We offer several options depending on your goals and needs.

Legacy Giving

You can’t predict our community’s future needs, but you can rest assured knowing that EBCF will continue to partner with donors, social movements, and the community to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity, and transform political, social, and economic outcomes for all who call the East Bay home.

Donor Resources

As an active fundholder, there are some important resources you can keep at your fingertips. Get information on transferring assets into your fund, link to DonorCentral, and learn more about donor organizing.

Giving Circles

A Giving Circle is a form of shared giving in which like-minded donors pool their resources in order to support greater social change. By working together, donors can leverage their individual gifts into larger impact grants that aid several organizations.

Get In Touch

Our development staff are looking forward to assisting you as you explore the options available to you.

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