About Us

The East Bay Community Foundation is committed to advancing a Just East Bay.

We partner with donors, social movements, and the community to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity, and transform political, social, and economic outcomes for all who call the East Bay home.

What We Do

We partner with community members to champion quality education for all students, fight for good jobs and livable wages, and invest in high-impact community programs.

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Our Team

Executive Office

James W. Head

President & Chief Executive Officer

(510) 208-0841

Sachi Yoshii

Vice President of Strategy & External Relations

(510) 208-0858

Ahmi Dhuna

Strategy and Innovation Manager

Claire Kahrobaie

Interim Executive Assistant

Community Investment & Partnerships

Amy Fitzgerald

Vice President of Community Investment & Partnerships

(510) 208-0825

Zakiyyah Brewer

ASCEND:BLO Program Associate

(510) 208-0836

Debrah Giles

Senior Program Officer

(510) 208-0804

Byron Johnson

Capacity Building Initiative Officer

(510) 208-0824

David Pontecorvo

Director of Grantmaking Systems, Evaluation, and Learning

(510) 208-0828

Melody Rooshen

Program Associate

Sabrina Wu

Senior Fellow – Equitable Economic Development

(510) 208-0835


Hannah Garcia

Senior Program Officer


Joshua Lee

Senior Program Officer

(510) 836-3223


Alexandra Aquino-Fike

Vice President of Development

(510) 208-0833

Jeri Boomgaarden

Senior Development Officer

(510) 208-0857

Brenda Laribee

Senior Development Officer

(510) 208-0807

May Leong

Senior Development Officer

(510) 208-0808

Ellie Young

Development Associate

Diana Rojek-Skonnord

Development Data Manager

(510) 208-0819


Kaitlin Levenstrong

Senior Development Officer

(510) 208-0822

Son Chau

Son Chau

Senior Development Officer

Katiti Crawford

 Senior Development Officer

Donor Services & Administrative support

Anoop Kaur

Director of Donor Services and Administrative Support

Carolina Reyes

Donor Services Associate

Jida Nasser

Donor Services Associate

(510) 208-0814

Finance & Operations

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl

Chief Financial Officer

Reem Aranki

Grants Management Assistant

Laura Choe

Director of Grants Management and Scholarships

(510) 208-0845

Elizabeth Burger

Finance Administrative & Program Manager

Clint Hayden

Grants & Scholarships Specialist

(510) 208-0817

Linda Cornett

Senior Accountant-Investments & Funds

(510) 836-3223

Jill Chang

Senior Accountant

(510) 208-0831

Talitha green Ling

Vice President of Human Resources and Operations

Theresa Johnson

Senior Accountant: Transactions, Systems, and General Ledger

Natalie Torres-Rosas

Grants & Scholarships Specialist

Michele Regallie


Genevieve Zaragoza


Apryl Rhinehart

Senior Grants Specialist

Marketing & Communications

Andrew Hattori

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Board of Directors

Stefano Bertozzi, MD, PhD

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Health Policy & Management - University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health

Pamela Calloway, Esq.

Interim Board Chair, EBCF; Principal Activist, Calloway & Associates

Catherine Chen

Managing Director and Financial Advisor, SRI Wealth Management Group, RBC Wealth Management

Quinn Delaney

Founder and Board Chair, Akonadi Foundation

Mark Friedman

CEO, Eden Health District

John Govea

Vice Chair, EBCF; Program Director, Immigrant Rights and Integration (Retired), Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Tom Hanenburg

Senior Vice President, Hospital System Operations, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. & Hospitals

Connie Cagampang Heller

Artist/Philanthropist; Cofounder, Linked Fate Fund for Justice

Hector Javier Preciado

Chief Growth Officer, Alluma

Gwen Walden

Senior Managing Director, Arabella Advisors

James W. Head

President & CEO, East Bay Community Foundation

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(510) 836-3223
De Domenico Building
200 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

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