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As anyone who lived in the East Bay and experienced the horrific days of October 1991 can attest, a wildfire is a terrifying and heartbreaking experience. The East Bay Hills fire left us utterly vulnerable to nature and nobody who experienced that event will ever forget it.

As we are all painfully aware, drought and heat caused by climate change are exacerbating the problem. We are now experiencing fire seasons each and every year that are causing catastrophic levels of damage to property, disruption of our ecosystems, and loss of life.

As I write this note, nearly two million acres of land have been lost to fire already at a time when the fire season is usually just getting started. Of the twenty largest wildfires in modern history, three have occurred this year alone, and all are still burning.

For the people who have been displaced, lost property, and especially those who have lost loved ones, this is a devastating time. For those of you who would like to help, we are sharing a list from the League of California Community Foundations of partner foundations that are supporting local relief efforts as well as leading the long-term work of rebuilding, recovery, and resilience.

Current Wildfire Response Funds at Community Foundations

Community Foundation of the North State: Community Disaster Relief Fund
Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation: Tahoe/Truckee Emergency Response Fund
Community Foundation for Mendocino County: Community Resiliency and Preparedness Fund; Disaster Fund for Mendocino County
California Community Foundation: Wildfire Recovery Fund
Humboldt Area Foundation: Disaster Response & Resilience Fund
El Dorado Community Foundation: Caldor Fire Fund
Inland Empire Community Foundation: Disaster Relief Fund
Community Foundation for Monterey County: Fire Relief Fund
Napa Valley Community Foundation: Disaster Relief Fund
North Valley Community Foundation: Wildfire Relief & Recovery Fund
Placer Community Foundation: River Fire Fund
Community Foundation Santa Cruz: Fire Response Fund
Community Foundation Sonoma County: Resilience Fund
Ventura County Community Foundation: Thomas, Hill and Woolsey Wildfire Recovery Funds
Solano Community Foundation: Solano Disaster Relief Fund
San Diego Foundation: San Diego Regional Disaster Fund
Silicon Valley Community Foundation: San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties Wildfire Relief Fund

As always, please let us know if you have questions or if there is any way we can help assist you in supporting those in need.

In solidarity,
James W. Head
President and Chief Executive Officer
East Bay Community Foundation