The East Bay Community Foundation is proud to announce that it has awarded 23 grants, totaling over $130K, from the East Bay Fund for Artists. 46 local artists were selected to create new and diverse works of art that would be presented in the East Bay. Since its creation, the East Bay Fund for Artists has supported over 200 new projects created by over 300 individual artists. The Fund has leveraged a total of $3.1M for local artists and arts organizations in the East Bay.
The latest grant recipients from the East Bay Fund for Artists are listed below.  More information about the East Bay Fund for Artists can be found here.

Awardee Commissioned Project

Additional Artists

Premiere Date
Aaron Davidman Solo performance about guns in America.   December 2018
Alena Museum Series of edible and visual garden installations for black women and black spaces in Oakland. Leslie C. Bennett September 2018
Angie Wilson Immersive installation of hand-woven carpets and sculptural works, in-exhibition performance, dance, weaving, and embodiment workshops.   February 2, 2019
Ann Schnake Traveling visual arts installation, video and performance, engaging with the immigration, homelessness and a borderless imaginary. Robert Gomez Hernandez February 2019
Arash Shirinbab “Crossing Boundaries” explores cultural exchanges utilizing ceramics, food, calligraphy, performance, installation and storytelling. Forrest Lesch-Middelton December 2018
Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc. St. Andrew’s Super Heroes mural created in collaboration with local elders. James Gayles July 2018
Berkeley Art Center Two multi-media/social practice artists create site-specific work for: “The Measure of Enjoyment”. Leah Rosenberg and Jeremiah Jenkins April/May 2018
CatchLight Public art exhibition (digital projection of photography) and panel discussion exploring “abundance” in our community. Everyday Bay Area Photography Collective September 28, 2018
Central Works Central Works’ world premiere production of KING OF CUBA by Cristina García. Cristina García July 21, 2018
Idiot String An interactive, site-specific adventure imagining migration through Port Costa from the Gold Rush to WWI. Casey Robbins, Soren Santos, Rebecca Longworth, Joan Howard April 2019
Leyya Mona Tawil Choreographer Leyya Tawil will create new work with dancers from Al-Juthoor and musician Tarik Kazaleh.   March 29 – 31, 2019
Music at the Mission “El Greco Triptych” for chamber music ensemble and boys choir, inspired by Spanish Renaissance painting. Mark Fish May 2019
NAKA Dance Theater BUSCARTE is a multidisciplinary performance work about the concept of forced disappearance.   Jose Navarrete May 2019
Nana Duffuor Sprint is original, multidisciplinary theatre by writer/creator, Nana Duffuor and musician/ filmmaker, Indigo Mateo.   June 2018
Nkeiruka Oruche Interdisciplinary performance of Afro-Urban narratives answering the question, “Wey you dey?” (“Where were you?”). Nate Cameron, Michael French, Tossie Long November 17, 2018
Oakland Youth Chorus Choral music piece for youth with text provided by OYC singers, on cultural identity/belonging. Hector Armienta May 2019
Peralta Hacienda Historical Park Indoor and outdoor exhibit combining fabric, painting and graphic design to tell the stories of Oakland’s undocumented day laborers. Marion Coleman, Ramon Carrillo, Jeff Norman Oct 6, 2018, the Saturday before Día De La Raza
Prospera Community Development Five bilingual, short form videos and photos documenting Latinas transforming their lives and communities through entrepreneurship. Gabriela Arvizu October 2018 and Summer 2019
Sabereh Kashi Personal documentary of Iranian immigrant, Sabereh, who worries about war while seeking home in California. Jennifer Crystal Chien October 2018
Social Justice Sewing Academy The proposed artwork will show a diverse group of teens in the process of making fabric art. Alice Beasley March 2019
Tony Nguyen A short documentary about two brothers and the challenges of life after foster care.   Fall 2018
Yvan Iturriaga “The North Pole: Loyal to the Soil” is a comedic web series that explores our generation’s biggest issues: Gentrification. Global Warming. And Gluten-Free Donuts.   March 2019
Zakiya Harris Embedded is a music and dance performance piece that explores how technology is used for cultural resistance.   April 13, 2018