Towards A Just East Bay: Early Lessons Learned from EBCF’s Change Journey

Towards A Just East Bay

Early Lessons Learned from EBCF’s Change Journey

Over the past several years, the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF) has been quietly doing something that is truly remarkable in the community foundation landscape: implementing totally new ways of partnering with donors, social movements, and the community at large. EBCF is serving as a testing ground for ideas that may also work in other areas of the country, proving that new funding models are both legally and logistically possible. This work has challenged long-held assumptions about what community foundations may allowably do, busting myths that are often used as excuses to maintain the status quo. As EBCF removes barriers, the question that remains for more risk-averse community foundations is not whether they are able to create transformational change, but whether they are willing to do so.

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