Fund Overview

In late 2015, the Chorus Foundation committed eight years of funding to advance a frontline community-led Just Transition in Richmond, California. The Richmond Just Transition Fund, created from the larger Chorus Foundation grant, was initiated by local frontline organizations to ensure direct funding through a yearly proposal process for projects that support an interconnected, aligned, and strong Our Power Coalition. This coalition of labor, health, environmental justice, community, local business, housing advocates, racial justice organizations, youth, and workers has come together to create a regenerative ecosystem through community-led projects that focus on the six strategies of the just transition framework.

Mission of Our Power Richmond

The Richmond Our Power Coalition is a network of local community organizations combating the many intersections of oppression facing our city. We fight for sustained access and control over our housing, food, air, land and water, while engaging in the meaningful practice of co-governance that centers the most marginalized members of our communities, who are enduring environmental, social, and political inequities produced by the extractive economy. With the leadership of our local community members, we are proud to model what a Just Transition looks like in Richmond.

Grantees or Grantee Info

The Just Transition to a regenerative economy in Richmond is anchored by three frontline organizations, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), and Urban Tilth. These anchor organizations have been able to ensure at least $30,000 in funds to each of our six coalition partners, as of 2021, for projects inclusive of cooperatives, a community land trust, and community education programs.

Grant Process / Application Info

We make grants from the Richmond Just Transition Fund each year in the amount of $10,000 – $50,000 a year to advance the priorities and Just Transition framework strategies via proposal requests submitted in the first half each calendar year.

Contact & Questions

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