East Bay Foundation on Aging


The East Bay Foundation on Aging (EBFA) is committed to improving the lives of underserved seniors.

The goal of EBFA is to improve the physical and emotional health of underserved seniors living in Oakland by supporting their basic needs.


As a supporting organization at The East Bay Community Foundation, EBFA is a grantmaking partner working with our grantees to provide comprehensive services to seniors, particularly those who reside in Oakland.

Founded in 2009 with the proceeds from the sale of the historic Matilda Brown Home for Elderly Women in Oakland, EBFA seeks to improve and maintain the physical and emotional health of vulnerable older adults.

Northern California’s oldest nonprofit, The Ladies’ Home Society of Oakland operated the Matilda Brown Home from 1872 to 2007. The Society sold the facility and created this grantmaking entity to ensure and continue the legacy of service to seniors.


The East Bay Foundation on Aging makes grants to local agencies that support the health and wellness of seniors living in the region.

In FY 2018-19, EBFA granted $422,000 to the following organizations:


The goal of the East Bay Foundation on Aging is to improve the physical and emotional health of underserved seniors living in Oakland by supporting their basic needs. Priority will be given to programs serving low-income Oakland residents, though the applicant’s physical location need not be restricted solely to Oakland.


At this time, The East Bay Foundation on Aging cannot accept unsolicited proposals. Our grant process is by invitation only.

Proposals Will Be Considered For Projects That:

  1. Expand and Strengthen Safety Net Services to ensure that low-income seniors in Oakland – particularly those most vulnerable and least served – can have their critical needs met and experience improved quality of life. EBFA will provide general operating support (1-year core support grants, up to $30K) to address basic needs for seniors in Oakland, primarily the following: Health (including mental health), Housing, Food, Safety, Transportation and Legal (protection of basic rights) services.
  2. Promote Aging with Dignity by building awareness about Oakland seniors and issues of aging. EBFA will fund advocacy efforts (project grants of 1-year, up to $30K) to ensure that low-income Oakland seniors’ needs are prioritized among local businesses, state and local government agencies and/or the public.

Types of Grants:

Core Support – support for organizations whose core mission is to serve underserved seniors residing in Oakland, or for organizations located outside of Oakland that can demonstrate that a significant portion of their clients are seniors residing in Oakland.

Project Support –support for a project or set of activities that can be accomplished within the grant period, or for organizations located outside of Oakland that can demonstrate that the activities proposed will benefit seniors living in Oakland.

Use of Funds:

All funds should be used to promote the health and well-being of seniors living in Oakland.

Size of Grants:

  • For Priority 1, 12-month core operating grants will be awarded in the range of $10,000-30,000.
  • For Priority 2, 12-month project grants will be awarded in the range of $10,000-30,000.


Selected organizations that provide services to, or work on behalf of, low-income seniors in Oakland have been invited to submit an application. At this time, we cannot accept unsolicited proposals.


If you are interested in ensuring that our older adults are able to age gracefully within their own community of Oakland, please donate to EBFA to continue such services.


Lucinda Bazile, MPH

Deputy Director

Being raised by my grandparents, I have always had an affinity and respect for my elders. I love being an EBFA Board Member focusing on directing funds towards non-profit organizations in our community that help our seniors age with dignity and grace; by supporting safety net services and advocacy on behalf of our seniors.

Joann Sullivan

Real Estate Manager

I love being able to help many older adults in Oakland with the things they really need –health care, mental health services, transportation. I love being a part of the helping tradition of the Ladies Home society and hob-nobbing with the leaders in the aging community in Oakland.

Anne Warner-Reitz

Retired Executive Director

At a time when foundations have discontinued aging as a priority, the goal of EBFA is especially valuable. It is personally gratifying to be able to support the many dedicated and essential local non-profits which focus on elders and caregivers in the East Bay.

Miriam Rabinovitz

Retired Alameda County

For many years my professional focus has been dedicated to enhancing elder independence through the reduction of institutionalization for older adults and through improving the quality of life for people as they age in their communities. In my retirement, it was important for me to continue in some fashion to support these same efforts.

Alan Stein

Retired Executive Director

I joined the EBFA Board to continue my social justice commitments to vulnerable populations. As a part of its funding history, EBFA funds immigrant/refugee organizations in Oakland and this unique focus allows EBFA to make a distinct contribution to social justice.

Louis Labat, MSW

Retired Alameda County AAA

I am excited to be an EBFA Board Member as it allows me to continue working with seniors and agencies serving them in the East Bay Community. I am able to use my 50 plus years in the field of gerontology and contribute in a positive way.

Flora Toveg, MHA

Health Care Professional

I am committed to a long standing Foundation that supports local agencies’ capacity to strengthen the quality of life for our aging and culturally diverse communities. I love that the funding goes directly to core services and policy/advocacy activities for elders.

Barbara Terrazas

Retired Development Director

As a caregiver, it is my commitment to support and help other caregivers honored with the role of caring for our aging community. Serving on the EBFA Board enhances my ability  to help improve the quality of life for our Aging Community.

Peter Szutu

Retired Executive Director

After a multi-decades career serving frail seniors and raising funds to do so, I wanted to help other senior service providers to stay alive, grow and become self-sustaining. The need is so much greater than current resources so we have to try to change that. Being on the EBFA board gives us a vehicle to create or sustain the effort for that change. 

Jayne Haldane

As a physician, as well as a mother/grandmother, I am firmly committed to caring for others. In our society, the older population in many ways has been passed over even as the proportion of older people in our population has increased, with, unfortunately, an increase in the number of elders in need of some form of care.  I am happy and proud that EBFA has been able to offer assistance to meet that need.

Alexandra Aquino-Fike

Advisory Members

Margaret Sigurdson

Advisory Member

For more information about the East Bay Foundation on Aging, please contact ebfonaging@eastbaycf.org