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“Each breath can be a new beginning. It is up to us to decide what intention we want for ourselves, our families, and our communities with every inhale and exhale.”

– Eddy Zheng

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EBCF is proud to host the New Breath Foundation’s Community Fund. The New Breath Foundation (NBF) was founded in 2017 by Eddy Zheng, the first formerly incarcerated “juvenile lifer” to serve as Founder and President of a philanthropic Foundation. Eddy, who experienced the “school to prison to deportation pipeline,” has committed his life to addressing issues of trauma, stigma, and shame in the AAPI community for decades.

We are experiencing an escalation of violent and hateful acts against Asian American people across the country, with nearly ~4,000 documented anti-Asian hate incidents. These vicious attacks are only the most recent and most visible examples of how Asian Americans have been targeted throughout our history because of their race. NBF and EBCF support the condemnation of these acts by a number of AAPI leaders in their recent statement as they join forces through cross-cultural organizing and promoting alternatives to further harm and criminalization.

We recognize that undoing racism will require long-term, community-led investments so that all communities have what they need to thrive. Our ancestors arrived or were settled into places that were under-resourced to begin with, creating the perfect storm for tensions and fear among neighbors left to compete for jobs, schools, and housing. Dismantling inequities and racism is going to require deep and immediate investments that prioritize these needs.Funding for these issues are practically non-existent. Currently, less than 1% of philanthropic dollars support Asian American communities and we commit to addressing this funding inequity through our Call for Unity statement to the philanthropic sector.

NBF is embarking upon a bold journey to raise a minimum of $10 million dollars for AAPI communities committed to building power and cross-racial solidarity. Our grantmaking strategies include:

  1. Rapid Response: Support ongoing work on the ground, including victim support, advocacy for alternatives to increased criminalization, community organizing, violence prevention/ambassadors, nationally coordinated messaging, and data gathering
  2. Power Building: Advance leadership development among under-resourced AAPI organizations, access to media to advance storytelling and narrative change strategies, and mobilization while also supporting other BIPOC-led organizations engaged in culturally-competent education and promoting cross-racial solidarity.
  3. Long-term Capacity Building and Sustainability: Increase capacity of grassroots organizations engaged in racial inclusion and equity, movement building, and systemic change.

Join us to significantly increase funding for programs that AAPI survivors, leaders, and communities require to address this violence and build racial solidarity.

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