Natalie Torres-Rosas

Donor Services Associate

Natalie Torres-Rosas joins the Donor Services and Administrative Support team at EBCF as a Donor Services Associate. She holds a strong interest in improving the criminal justice system given her educational and personal background, and is quite excited to have joined the team.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, and another in Sociology. Her interest in development peaked during her time with University Development and Alumni Relations at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. She hopes by helping EBCF with our mission, she can make her own contribution to help those that are justice-involved – big, or small.

She always knew she wanted to help and contribute to those that had been involved with the justice-system one way, or another. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to volunteer and intern with a variety of organizations that either worked with, or served, justice-involved individuals and families, such as Project Rebound, Glide, ROCK, Mission Girls, and Boys and Girls Clubs of SF. She has provided educational workshops in women’s facilities in San Francisco, San Bruno, and Oakland. She has also served on panel discussions relating to women empowerment, domestic violence issues, and social justice related phenomena, in hopes of providing a voice for those that are involved with the criminal justice system.

During her free time, she enjoys going to the dog park with her two pups, reading mystery and crime, listening to vinyls with her partner, and exploring Oakland. You will most likely find her at a taco stand.