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Follow EBCF to Keep Up with our Great Work

When our social media reach expands, more people learn of our mission to transform lives and communities in the East Bay and beyond. With just a couple of clicks, you can Follow Us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
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Early Education: Bridging the Income Gap

Are we willing to allow thousands of kids in the East Bay to start kindergarten behind – and then fall further behind? East Bay Community Foundation takes a stand for investing in young children.
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Our Impact

Do the Arts Touch You?

Painting. Sculpture. Music. Theater. Dance. Poetry. Film. See how the East Bay Community Foundation assists those who keep these and other arts thriving so creativity propels the spirit of the East Bay.

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Solutions: Helping the Unemployed Find Jobs

Solutions for persistent unemployment among East Bay residents are the subject of a new report by the East Bay Community Foundation.

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