Support for Recent Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Rebuilding will take a village

Over the past several months, North America has experienced a series of natural disasters. From hurricanes and flooding that continue to impact residents in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, to the Central Mexico earthquake, to the Northern California fires – many people have experienced inconceivable loss. As of this post, wildfires continue to burn in Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties. The consequences of these fires have been overwhelming. Dozens of residents have lost their lives and thousands more have been evacuated from homes that have been completely lost. Reclaiming any semblance of normalcy will require a significant rebuilding of houses, hearts, and communities. Many of you have inquired about how to help. In support, EBCF has compiled the following list of resources to direct you to the many organizations that are actively working to address the immediate needs of residents and family members directly impacted by the fires.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to call us at (510) 836-3223.


Northern California Fire Relief Efforts


Contribute to Ongoing Relief Efforts

If you are moved to support ongoing natural disaster relief efforts, a list of suggested organizations and funds to support is below.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Hurricane Irma Relief

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