Carolina (Caro) Reyes serves as a Donor Services Associate for East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF). Prior to joining EBCF, Caro worked as a UC Admissions Specialist for over 10 years, revamping user experience on the A-G Course Management Portal and empowering educators to create innovative curriculum to address equity gaps in college-preparatory course offerings across the state.

Caro has been a longtime advocate of amplifying voices for racial, gender, disability, and intersectional justice. As an Oakland resident of close to 20 years, by way of the Mojave Desert, Caro has helped organize various community events, screened a short film at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and served as a Niroga Yoga Health Fellow for communities of color.

Caro earned multiple degrees in Film Studies, Art Practice, and Spanish Languages, Literature and Cultures in the Spanish-Speaking World at the University of California, Berkeley. Some favorite pastimes include swimming outdoors, trying to cook like family in Mexico and Korea, getting inspired by playlists, and connecting with people across the world.