Our Position on Ballot Measures

The East Bay Community Foundation envisions a just and equitable East Bay region.  To make this vision a reality, we play a pivotal role as a funder, convener and advocate in support of a strong movement.  This election, we urge you to protect affordable housing, good jobs and quality education.  Below are ballot propositions and measures we support.  For a fuller analysis, we encourage you to check the following sites:

League of Women Voters of California (links to local chapter sites)

Bay Rising

Urban Habitat



YES on California Proposition 55 – Extension of Income-Tax Increase

Despite recent improvements, California still spends 12% less than the national average per pupil in its public schools and ranks 33rd amongst all states.  Prop 55 is needed in order to ensure quality education and equitable access to quality education.  This measure would extend by 12 years a tax increase approved by voters in 2012.  At least half of this revenue will continue to be used for public education in local schools and community colleges.

YES on California Proposition 58 – English Proficiency; Multilingual Education

This measure provides more flexibility to schools and parents to choose how to teach English-language learners and to promote bilingual education.  Local districts will work with parents of English-language learners to determine the most effective approaches to meeting standards for English fluency among non-native speakers, without putting unnecessary impediments in the way of the selection of bilingual education.

YES on Berkeley Measure Y1 — Youth Voting for School Board

EBCF is committed to improving civic engagement.  Governance serves the needs of affected communities better when those directly impacted by decisions are involved in those decisions.  Lifelong voting habits are also strengthened.

Local Education Funding:

EBCF has not taken a position on any of the 14 school-funding initiatives on municipal ballots in the East Bay.  However, we strongly encourage voters to consider how their local measures will address the success of communities and youth who have access to fewer opportunities and resources.


Children’s Health

YES on Oakland Measure HH – Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax

YES on Albany Measure O1 – Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax

These measures will help accelerate the growing awareness of the negative impact of sugar-sweetened beverages on human health, and particularly on the health and lifelong eating habits of children.


Criminal Justice Reform

YES on Proposition 57 — Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing.

The criminal justice system in California has had a disproportionately negative impact on communities of color while increasing prison populations.  This measure would reduce the frequency with which those under 18 are tried and sentenced as adults, and provide earlier parole opportunities for adults convicted of non-violent felonies, particularly those with good behavior and those participating in approved educational activities.


Affordable Housing

EBCF does not normally focus on housing affordability, but the current housing crisis across the Bay Area and beyond threatens to undermine progress for large numbers of the families whose success we are supporting.  The county housing bond proposal has been developed thoughtfully by the county and includes a number of accountability measures to ensure its effectiveness.   Several local measures will help stabilize rents and prevent displacement.  EBCF encourages a vote for the following measures.

YES on Alameda County Measure A1 – Affordable Housing Bond

YES on Alameda City Measure M1 – Rent Control Board

YES on Berkeley Measure AA – Amending Rent Board Ordinance

Yes on Oakland Measure JJ – Expansion of Just Cause Ordinance

YES on Richmond Measure L – Rent Control and Just Cause Protection


Economic Empowerment

Increasing the minimum wage and providing paid sick leave are effective tools in improving economic stability for many families, a key focus for EBCF.  Several cities in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties have taken action in the last few years, and an acceleration of the statewide minimum wage was approved earlier this year.  Two competing measures qualified for the ballot in Berkeley, but a compromise was reached and adopted by the Berkeley City Council.  The authors of both these measures are now recommending defeat of the two measures so that the City Council compromise will go into effect.

NO on Berkeley Measure BB – Increase Minimum Wage

NO on Berkeley Measure CC – Increase Minimum Wage

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