Arts and Culture for Social and Racial Justice

Review Process & Timeline

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Review Process

There is a two-step application process.

Letter of Inquiry: Eligible applicants are asked to submit a brief (up to 300 words) Letter of Inquiry (LOI) along with a sample of artistic work and some demographic data. Eligible and complete LOIs will be reviewed and ranked by peer readers and the Fund’s leadership team.

Full Proposal: Up to 20 applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal in mid-July. This proposal will be due within three weeks of the invitation. Applicants will receive an honorarium of $300 to offset the cost of submitting the full proposal. A peer review panel will meet to discuss the applications and recommend up to eight projects for two-year funding. The East Bay Community Foundation board will have final approval of the slate of recommended grants.

The Fund’s peer readers and panelists will be cultural leaders and activists who understand the historical grounding and cultures of a wide range of BIPOC communities in Oakland. In assembling the readers and panelists, the Fund has a goal of creating a thoughtful mix of racial, ethnic, age, and gender considerations that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ people of color.

Review Criteria

Letters of Inquiry will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Quality of radical imagination and action for a just Oakland

  • The strength of the vision of social transformation for Oakland and the actions prompted by it, and the clarity and resonance of the areas of systemic racism to be addressed.

Depth of cultural/aesthetic practices

  • The depth and resonance of the cultural/aesthetic practices, values, and inquiry involved with the project.

Quality of relationship and engagement between the artist(s)/cultural practitioner(s) and the community(ies) centered in the project

  • The depth of the engagement and relationship of the artist(s)/cultural practitioner(s) and the community(ies) centered in the project and the sense of collective voice.

In addition to these criteria, factors such as geographic, cultural, and issue diversity may also be considered in selecting those invited to submit a full proposal.

Application Assistance

How-to-apply webinars are hosted before each application cycle. Dates and times will be posted on this page.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend or view a webinar before applying to the program. Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions for further guidance.

Questions about applying to the Fund will be answered by phone or email up to the deadline, as possible.

We encourage you to begin your Letter of Intent (LOI) application at least a week before the submission deadline.

For assistance contact us at

Program Timeline

Application Portal Opens:


Application Webinars:

Two webinars are offered in the month of May. Recordings of each webinar are posted on this page for those who are unable to attend.

Letter of Inquiry Application Deadline:

Late applications will be not be accepted.

Invitation to Submit a Full Proposal:

Mid-July 2021
If you receive an invitation to submit a full proposal, you will have 48 hours to accept or decline the invitation.

Full Proposal Deadline:


Award Notification:


Grant Period Starts:


Peer Learning Activities:

Activities will take place periodically throughout the grant period as determined by the grant recipient cohort in collaboration with the Fund.

Interim Check-In:

Fall 2022
The Fund will have a verbal or in-person check-in with grant recipients to discuss progress, learning, adaptations/course corrections.

Sharing the Vision activity:

By the end of the grant period (September 2023)
Sharing the project vision with a broader community is a program requirement. This could be a process-based activity, work-in-progress showings, culminating events, or a final product (in-person, virtual, documented, as appropriate).

Grant Period Ends:

September 2023

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