EBCF is proud to host The ICA Entrepreneurs Growth Fund. The ICA Entrepreneurs Growth Fund (EGF) was created to support entrepreneurs from traditionally underserved communities of color in the Bay Area.

The EGF will invest principally in the ICA Growth Fund managed by ICA (formerly Inner City Advisors/Fund Good Jobs). ICA is a 25 year old Oakland based non-profit whose vision is an economy that works for all. To close gender and racial wealth gaps, ICA invests in and accelerates local, value-driven businesses that make good jobs available to women and people of color.

Through their work, ICA has supported over 600 companies who have gone on to create over 5,500 jobs primarily in disadvantaged communities. For further information, please visit ICA.fund.

The EGF intends to invest in the ICA Growth Fund via a Program-Related Investment (PRI) that will loan the ICA Growth Fund a minimum of $100,000 over a term to be determined, anticipated to be at least 5 years. A match of $1 for $1 up to $100,000 has been pledged by James P. King, a member of the board of ICA and past member of the board of EBCF. Inquiries may be directed to him at jim@jpkingadvisors.com.

Minimum investment in EGF is $5,000.

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The East Bay Community Foundation, Attn: The ICA Entrepreneurs Growth Fund (EGF)

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