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The African American Response Circle Fund was established by the Brotherhood of Elders Network, in partnership with the East Bay Community Foundation, in response to the impact of COVID-19, which has fast become a public health crisis for African Americans who live, work, and worship in Alameda County.


The Fund’s grantmaking strategy is informed by local non-profit organizations that serve African American communities. It will support actions recommended by fund advisors in the domains of K-16 education, housing and economic supports, health and well-being, and grassroots communications and access to information. Within those areas, an emphasis will be placed on sub-groups of K-16 students; unhoused neighbors; small and emerging businesses; returning citizens; people with disabilities; and senior citizens.

About the Brotherhood of Elders Network

The Brotherhood of Elders Network is an intergenerational network of men of African ancestry who foster environments where Black boys and young men are empowered to flourish. Established in 2011, the Network began meeting and developing an agenda and expanding its ranks. The agenda is focused on a commitment to shaping programs and interventions that will positively impact the lives of black boys and men. By implementing SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based) to measure specific programs and initiatives, the Network seeks to institute positive changes in the beliefs, behaviors, and overall achievements of Black boys and young men.


Donate to the African American Response Circle Fund today and support those most impacted by COVID-19 in our Black communities.

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For more information about the Brotherhood of Elders Network and the African American Response Circle Fund, visit to connect.