EBCF Lobbying: Schools and Communities First Campaign

EBCF Lobbying: Schools and Communities First Campaign

The opportunity for all children to access an excellent education is one of the four pillars of the foundation’s vision for an inclusive, fair, and just East Bay. EBCF is proud to support the Schools & Communities First Campaign, a decades-long effort to eliminate the commercial property tax loophole of Prop 13 and to reclaim over $11 billion in funding for California schools and local communities. Our work in this area began by leveraging our available but rarely used lobbying capacity to support signature gathering in order to qualify the initiative for the 2020 ballot. We are excited to say that on October 15, 2018 the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act qualified for the November 2020 ballot, making it the first commercial property tax reform initiative to qualify for the ballot in 40 years.

Since the passage of Prop 13 in 1978, California has lost hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue, leading to chronic underfunding of schools and critical safety net services. California now boasts the 5th largest economy in the world, yet has the highest rates of poverty, one of the lowest rates of per-pupil spending for schools, and a housing crisis where teachers, nurses, and security guards can’t afford to live near where they work. This initiative will restore funding to K-12 schools and community colleges, ensuring all children in California have access to a world-class education.

The march is now underway to have the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act passed by voters in November 2020. Learn more about the campaign by visiting Schools and Communities First.


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