Tiny Tickets

The East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF) is no longer accepting Tiny Tickets. BART discontinued the Tiny Tickets program on June 30, 2018, which was the final submission deadline. 

In 2001, BART and the East Bay Community Foundation introduced a new campaign, “Tiny Tickets,” to encourage BART riders to donate the unused portion of their BART tickets to local nonprofit organizations.

Tiny Tickets are those hoards of BART tickets, often discarded or left in pockets or drawers, that have tiny bits of value left on them that could be turned into cash.

Although currently the residual value of tickets may be consolidated, refunded or exchanged by BART, the majority of these tickets are left unused. The Tiny Tickets program allows these resources to provide needed support to local community-based organizations.


How does the program work?

Organizations that participate in the program can collect used BART tickets that have remaining value and send them to the East Bay Community Foundation three times a year for assembling and routing to BART. BART calculates the total value of the tickets donated to each organization and sends a check to that organization. The Foundation does not convert BART “tiny tickets” to cash, nor does it does give away BART tickets. It simply serves as a conduit between organizations who send in their donated tickets and BART.

The East Bay Community Foundation has registered more than 150 nonprofit organizations from around the Bay Area. Click here to see a list of registered nonprofit organizations participating in the Tiny Tickets program. BART riders can use this site to choose an organization and send tickets directly to the organization of your choice. In this way, the East Bay Community Foundation helps achieve its goal of connecting local donors with nonprofit organizations serving the community.


How do community organizations participate?

Current registrants may turn in tickets to the Foundation on the following reimbursement dates: first week of April, August and December. To register for the Tiny Tickets program, you must have a letter from the IRS stating 501(c)(3) status and serve an area that BART operates.

For more information, please contact Operations at (510) 836-3223 or operations@eastbaycf.org.


How to submit tickets

The Tiny Tickets program has been discontinued as of June 30, 2018. Please make sure to separate tickets by color and include a physical count of each type. For example, 50 BLUE tickets, 60 GREEN tickets, and 30 RED tickets. It is not necessary to include the monetary value for the tickets. Please also include the address where you would like to receive the check.

You can drop off the tickets or mail them to the address below:

Tiny Tickets
East Bay Community Foundation
200 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612