Eligibility Requirements for Artists

Eligibility Requirements for Artists

  • You must live in Alameda or Contra Costa County
  • Commission must support a new work or a new interpretation of a traditional form
  • Artist must have a 501c3 fiscal sponsor
  • Funding must be allocated to lead artists’ fees only.
  • We require an East Bay presentation of your work.
  • Attendance at an EBFA presentation or view a webinar, if a new EBFA applicant
  • Artists from all artistic disciplines are welcome to apply (filmmakers must have budgets under $50,000
    or show other significant support for the project)

If you have any questions about eligibility, please send an email to ebfa@eastbaycf.org


Application Checklist

  • Artist Application Cover Sheet
  • Narrative (2 pages)
  • Project Budget Page (EBFA funds may only cover lead artists’ fees)
  • Project Timeline
  • Artist(s) Resume
  • Artist Work Sample with Written Description for each lead or major collaborator.
    (Please provide us with a .mp4, .mp3 or .mov format via email, dropbox, yousendit/hightail, or mailed CD)
  • Letter of Commitment from Presenting Venue
  • Fiscal Sponsor letter of commitment
  • Organizational Budget of Fiscal Sponsor, *if EBCF has not worked with them previously


Application Information

Please combine your application and attachments and send as one PDF to ebfa@eastbaycf.org.
Please refer to the application checklist on your cover sheet; incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed by the panel.

I. Application Cover Sheet

II. Narrative responding to the questions below (2 pages)
Please respond to the following questions in your narrative pages:

a. Tell us about your proposal. Who specifically will be involved? What is the concept?
b. How will this work fit or depart from your (and any supporting artist(s’)) regular work?
c. If applicable, how did you choose your supporting artist(s)? (Please attach all relevant resumes)
d. Tell us who your audience will be for this piece and how you will reach out to them
e. Detail how you plan to make your match.
f. Who is your FSO/501c3 partner? Will they present your work? If no, where have you secured a venue?
g. We require an East Bay presentation of your work.


III. Project Budget
Please give us a detailed budget (Template:Excel Spreadsheet) which includes the following information:

a. What is your projected income (i.e. other grants, ticket sales, contributions, in-kind, etc.)? Please identify committed/pending money.
b. What are your projected expenses?
c. What do you estimate is the full cost for the new work/commission? EBFA funds may be allocated to lead artists’ fees only. Matching funds may be used for any component of the project.
d. *NOTE: If we are unfamiliar with your FSO/501c3 partner, we may ask you to provide us with additional budget information.

IV. Please attach a detailed timeline of project activities.

V. Artist(s) Resume (no more than 2 pages)

VI. Artists’ Work Sample

a. Please submit 1-2 appropriate samples accompanied with a description of the artist(s)’ work, along with 1-2 relevant work samples from any supporting artist(s).
b. Music and video must be queued to no more than 3 minutes (Please provide us with a .mp4 or .mov format via email, dropbox, yousendit/hightail, or mailed CD).
c. Please send photos via PowerPoint with one photo per slide.


VII. Please attach a letter of commitment from your presenting venue.
VIII. Please attach a letter confirming your fiscal sponsor’s support of the project, and the fiscal sponsor’s current year organization budget (if EBCF has not worked with them previously).


Grant Size

Grants from EBFA range from $500-$8,000 (all grants must be matched with new individual donor contributions on a 1-to-1 basis). One of the goals of this program is to help you deepen and expand your donor base. We encourage you to reach out to new donors and encourage existing donors to give beyond their historical gifts. We would prefer to see greater numbers of donors at small levels, rather than a single donor supporting the project. If you have questions about your matching process, please contact us. We are happy to discuss your plan in greater detail than is required for your application.


About the Match

You may have multiple donors for the piece, but we will not match “in-kind” government, corporate* or foundation funding. Individual donor gifts and the matching grant must be processed through your fiscal sponsor. Upon completion of your match, you will need to 1) submit a spreadsheet listing your matching donors, 2) confirm the premiere date, and 3) complete an online survey. Once we receive these three items, we will process your grant check and send an acknowledgment letter to all of your donors notifying them of the match. We are looking to support commissioning at every level of the art eco-system.
*Local/neighborhood small business support may be acceptable, please ask us.

As an added resource for the match process, we encourage applicants to review the research report “Its Not About You…It’s About Them,” a study commissioned by the East Bay Community Foundation and The San Francisco Foundation. See the full report here.


How to Apply

Please email proposal as one PDF to ebfa@eastbaycf.org. Work samples may be submitted via email, dropbox, yousendit/hightail, or via mail if postmarked by the deadline:

East Bay Community Foundation
Attn: East Bay Fund for Artists
200 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612


EBFA Review Process

  • Deadline: Wednesday, February 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PST
  • Panel Decisions: April 2018
  • Match Timeline: Artists will have 120 days from the notification date to secure match funding. (May-August 2018)


* Funds for the EBFA have been generously supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the East Bay Community Foundation and our generous individual donors.