This is Our Home

This is Our Home   Who decides who belongs in a community? Who decides if you can call a place home? As immigrants ourselves, EBCF board member Hector Preciado and I know firsthand, the tragedy and odyssey that defines the immigration journey. I was born in El Salvador at the start of the civil war. I was not even two

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Eddy Zheng, An American Story of Perseverance and Triumph

New Breath, New Leaf, New Life An American Story of Perseverance and Triumph Eddy Zheng 49, is nationally recognized leader in the policy battle for prison reform and youth violence prevention. He is Co-Director of the Asian Prisoner Support Committee, serves as Alameda County Juvenile Justice Delinquent Prevention Commissioner and Southeast Facility Community Commissioner, Board Member for Chinese for Affirmative Action, Oversight Advisory Committee

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A Letter to Dr. King

April 16, 2018 [The following is a letter to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. written by James W. Head, President & Chief Executive Officer at the East Bay Community Foundation. On the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination, James presented the letter at the 2018 ABFE Conference in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was recipient of the distinguished, 2018 James A.

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Eveline Darroch: Recipient of Jonathan Bernbaum Memorial Award for Autonomous Art

East Bay artist and inaugural recipient of the Jonathan Bernbaum Memorial Award for Autonomous Art*, Eveline Darroch, has always had a love for captivating art that challenges our understanding of the world around us. Residing in Alameda, she currently works with international teams to create unique experiences in arts and entertainment. Eveline’s next artistic endeavor is to create a soundscape

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A New Vision for EBCF