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Women Doing Good
Helping You Change

In their large and rapidly growing role managing individual, family and shared wealth, women today hold the keys to bringing about a better world.

Volunteer. Mom. Wife. Grandmother. Daughter. Single Working Woman. Business Owner. Mid-Life Professional. Executive. Retired. You can sustain the future. We help you do just that – by sharing information, providing connections and relationships, and developing your giving plan. So you make all the right choices to take control as you support the causes you care about most.


Real Life Advice

We provide what you want and need to get to that place. The place where you find new solutions to vexing problems. Where you find organizations and programs that get results by transforming lives. The place where you can see the faces and hear the stories of those you have helped. The place where you can co-invest with those who have interests similar to yours.

We accomplish this with thoughtful collaboration. And a commitment aligned with your own goals.


Assisting You ... From Family to Community

We know how to talk about philanthropy with daughters, sons, and other family members.

We know how to guide you through the risks and opportunities that are sometimes involved in social investments aimed at breaking barriers. We know how to assist you in making a lasting contribution — and in leaving your legacy.

  Sharon Beswick

Sharon Beswick


EBCF donor Sharon Beswick, longtime supporter of causes in Contra Costa County. Learn More>>
Contact our Director of Philanthropic Services Carolyn Doelling at 510.208.0807 or at