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Mission (The task with which we charge ourselves)

Be the organization of choice for philanthropy in the East Bay through leadership in leveraging all assets in our communities to speed the transformation of low-income, disadvantaged, impoverished, underserved and underrepresented people.

This Core Purpose rests upon:

  • The zeal for right to be done through justice, fairness, equity, and inclusion of all residents in the fabric of civic life.
  • The belief that good can be accomplished through the coordinated acts and engagement of many.
  • The need to harness limited resources – our resources and the resources of others – in pursuit of significant demonstrable accomplishments.
  • The understanding that success depends on actions both large and small, both new and tested, both controversial and indisputable, both risky and safe, both short-term and long-term.
  • The understanding of the history and dynamics of race and class.

Vision (The future to which we aspire)

Brokering Measurable Solutions

We will broker solutions to the East Bay’s most pressing problems, achieving measurable “transformation” or “significant change.”


We will be a vital resource of intelligence on the East Bay.


We will provide our own leadership for change and we will help develop leadership capabilities among organizations working for similar change.

Enlisting Others

To ensure success, we will connect the needs of the East Bay to the interests and resources of our donors, our supporters, and of organizations working for change in our region.

Broad Representation

We will ensure our donors and supporters represent the diverse communities of the East Bay to draw upon the broadest range of perspectives and solutions.

Values (The principles we hold most dear)


We will adhere firmly to a moral code, to a sense of decency, and to a goal of the highest ethical standards. Of equal importance, we are bound by a sense of responsibility and accountability for producing visible, tangible, and measurable results.


We are responsive to requests and through pro-active anticipation of needs. We provide professional, excellent service to all of our constituents – donors, supporters, grantees, partners, and internal and external colleagues.


We actively value cultural, religious, racial, class, ethnic, sexual, gender, and work-style diversity for the sake of more representative decision making. We will be a leader on behalf of inclusion through modeling that diversity as we look at ourselves in the mirror and by actively and energetically supporting the incorporation of diversity into the fabric of civic life.


We are committed to justice and, therefore, we believe in freedom from bias and favoritism so that the rights of all are equally guaranteed and protected. We acknowledge that “the playing field is not level.” In order to level the playing field, respect and opportunities must be made available to all.


We consistently carry the message of realistic hope in order to fuel the aspirations of those working for change and in order to convert bystanders into engaged individuals.