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We offer different types of charitable funds to meet a variety of charitable interests and financial planning goals. No matter which you choose, we handle all administrative and reporting requirements.

Donor Advised Fund

Our most popular fund, the type most commonly used by individuals and families. You receive an immediate tax deduction upon establishment of the fund, then you recommend grants from the fund over time based on your interests – which may change — or based on learning more from our research on urgent needs in the East Bay. For details, click here.

Designated Fund

Similar to a Donor Advised Fund except that it designates one or more specific organizations of your choice to receive grants, thus ensuring that particular organizations receive ongoing support over time.

Community Leadership Fund

Supports the East Bay Community Foundation’s focus on advancing economic opportunity for adults and families in need and ensuring very young children are successful in the education system so they have better economic opportunity when they become adults. In the name of the fund, grants will be made by Foundation’s staff to the best initiatives and programs providing solutions in these two related areas. For details, click here.

Field of Interest Fund

Supports a field of interest or an issue. You can choose your own or you can invest in one of the Foundation’s existing field of interest funds supporting access to quality childcare, sustainable job creation, small business development, East Bay artists, or Oakland schools.

Testamentary Fund

Commonly used by those who wish to establish their charitable legacy. Established via a gift from your estate aimed at guaranteeing your charitable intentions are fulfilled after your death. We work with you to write a fund agreement describing how the fund should operate, who will make decisions on its behalf after you have passed on, and what charities it will support. For more information, click here.

Supporting Organization Fund

An alternative to a private foundation for individuals interested in significant giving. A supporting foundation fund at the East Bay Community Foundation — unlike a donor advised fund – requires its own board of directors and its own charitable-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Agency Fund

Commonly established by corporations, other businesses, and non-profit organizations. We work with the organization establishing the fund to shape a grants program that meets the organizations’ charitable objectives, to make the grants themselves, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the grants. For details, click here.


In general, annual administrative fees for our charitable funds range from 1% to 2% of the fund’s balance. In some cases, there may be additional investment management fees as well.