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Amplify Your Charitable Giving with an Unrestricted Gift Today

When you make an unrestricted gift to our Community Leadership Fund, you automatically join The Power of Many. During the past three years, our grants have supported programs helping 7,181 individuals with barriers to employment complete a job training program and have helped 49,546 children and their families along the path to literacy from birth to the crucial third-grade level.

These results are achieved through our own grants of $1.5 million to these causes, and through our success convincing businesses, individuals, private foundations and other sources to grant to these same causes an additional $4.7 million. Join The Power of Many. Today.

Create Economic Opportunity: Join Us.

We focus on good jobs and the education leading to those jobs. It’s the most important thing we can do to transform lives in the East Bay. Your contribution to our Community Leadership Fund enables us to:

  • Help those most in need acquire job skills, get good jobs and start or grow their own businesses; and to
  • Ensure young children succeed in the education system so they can get a good job when they become adults.

Look at our results. Real numbers demonstrating impact. Real people helped along the path to economic opportunity.

Nationwide Problem Attacked Through Local Investments

In too many parts of America, individuals and families are shut out of good jobs necessary to sustain their lives.

With just one generous gift to our Community Leadership Fund, you can have a lasting impact on the effects of this nationwide problem here in the East Bay. Through investing with us in local programs creating economic opportunity, you will enable us to do more good for more people more quickly as we work with those who come out of the education pipeline with inadequate skills – and as we work with young children going into the education pipeline to ensure they succeed in the education system and can get good jobs when they become adults.