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At the East Bay Community Foundation, we value the cultural, racial, ethnic and sexual diversity of the East Bay, and rely on that diversity to develop innovative approaches to building sustainable communities.  EBCF is committed to being a leader and a catalyst in promoting equity and inclusion throughout the diverse region we serve.  We support organizations whose mission and goals value equity and inclusion of people of all backgrounds.  We will strive to have a Board and staff that reflect the diversity of the East Bay so that we can provide our donors and communities with the broadest possible expertise.

In our efforts to promote equity and inclusion in the East Bay, EBCF will endeavor to:

  • surface seemingly neutral laws and policies and show how they contribute to the racial, sexual, economic and cultural disparities confronting our region in education, housing, medical care, economic opportunity and the environment.
  • work collaboratively with partners in our communities to break the patterns that have contributed to these disparities and find new ways to work together for justice and equity in our region.
  • help our communities identify common interests and themes, and foster interconnectedness.
  • be mindful that many of the same structures that have often marginalized people of color have had similar effects on other community members based on their age, sexual orientation, immigration status or disabilities.


As EBCF Board members and staff charged with carrying out EBCF’s mission, we will strive to:

  • recognize the assets and strengths of our various communities and draw upon these resources in a partnership to promote community self-determination.
  • encourage and develop cross-cultural leadership and deepen our personal and institutional commitment to broad-based cultural competency.
  • speak out against the exclusion of people from the decision-making process due to racism, homophobia, sexism, language or cultural bias, or other forms of cultural dominance.
  • hold ourselves accountable and periodically examine our impact through both our own evaluation processes and the eyes of our various geographical and interest communities.

As part of our promise to promote equity and inclusion in our work we ask our grantees for demographic information on their staff, board and the individuals they serve. This helps us measure the impact of the grants we make. Currently 72% of the Foundation’s grantmaking from our own endowment serves communities of color.

In addition, we strive to have our own staff and board reflect the communities we serve.

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