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Talking with Clients About Giving
A how-to guide on discussing philanthropy with your clients. Details here.

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Donor Advised Fund
Our most popular fund — the type most commonly used by individuals and families. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction upon establishment of the fund, then the donor can recommend grants from the fund over time based on her or his interests or based on philanthropic advice, learning from our knowledge, research and experience regarding urgent needs in the East Bay and programs effectively meeting those needs. Details here.
Charitable Tools and Options
The different assets your client can contribute to a charitable fund and the seven different types of charitable vehicles we offer designed to meet different client needs.. Details here.
Charitable Vehicles Comparison
See features of two of our major philanthropic vehicles – a donor advised fund and a supporting foundation – compared to a private foundation. Details here.
Family Philanthropy
How families can work together on their charitable giving. Details here.
Your Lasting Legacy
Information on testamentary funds, commonly used by those who wish to establish their charitable legacy, either during their lifetime or after their demise through an estate gift. Details here.