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History of Philanthropy

Philanthropy and charitable giving aren’t universal because they’re rooted in culture. There is a rich tradition in America because of a number of particular and peculiar circumstances. For a brief history of philanthropy in America, click here.

Glossary of Terms

Like any specialized field, philanthropy has its own technical language and jargon. For a glossary of terms commonly used in philanthropy, click here.

Authoritative Organizations & Institutions

Philanthropy is by nature decentralized. There are many specialized organizations – academic, consulting, activist, and news reporting – that are reliable sources of information on it and on related topics. For a guide to the best-known of these sources, click here.


Similar to the world of media in general, media covering philanthropy and related subjects are changing rapidly and now include both traditional outlets of journalism and blogging sites operated by different individuals posting their own views and responses to those views from readers. For information on traditional outlets and blogging sites covering philanthropy and related subjects, click here.

Current Reports & Studies

The field of philanthropy and those who observe it have been generating a high volume of reports and studies for decades. For information on recently published reports and studies of interest, click here.

Biggest Philanthropists

The list of the biggest players in philanthropy changes over time because new people are generating new wealth and making ever bigger investments in philanthropy. For recent articles that deal with Philanthropy on the largest scale click here.