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Our belief in valuing partnerships with business, government, non-profit organizations, and other foundations is rooted in a single notion: the power of many.

The challenges facing our diverse communities, families and individuals are too large to be solved by the resources of any one player or any one sector acting by itself. When we combine resources, however, we achieve meaningful change.

Together We Can.

And so, the East Bay Community Foundation partners with entities and individuals whose vision, values, and missions are similar to our own.

These collaborations – for grantmaking, change-making initiatives, and advocacy on important matters of public policy – are aimed at:

  1. Providing support for children to succeed: preparing them at pre-school and school-age levels, focusing on the critical period of birth through third grade; and
  2. Advancing economic development: enhancing economic opportunities for adults and families, particularly those with significant barriers to achieving employment and financial stability.

We assist business leaders with leveraged, strategic community investment and volunteer opportunities. We engage government leaders to work collaboratively to improve the lives of their constituents. We work with private foundations to partner on opportunities for promoting initiatives and leveraging financial support. We collaborate with non-profit service providers to identify the most effective methods of service delivery and ways to measure impact. Learn More >

For More Information

For more information, contact Debrah Giles, 510.208.0804 or at