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Private Sector

  • We engage business leaders to become more effective and efficient community investors in partnership with the East Bay Community Foundation.
  • We create sustainable models of community service with measurable impact – models that reflect the values of philanthropy in the business sector.
  • We expand the knowledge base of business leaders on critical needs of the East Bay and best practices to fill those needs, so the private sector can become more involved in successful solutions.
  • We leverage investments from other donors along with investments from the business sector to expand services and increase impact.
  • We introduce our business partners to effective partners in the non-profit sector to promote shared problem-solving.
  • We document change resulting from pooled philanthropic investments;
  • We elevate community involvement in the business sector through opportunities for leadership roles, employee involvement, and public recognition.

Public Sector

  • We engage elected and appointed leaders to improve the lives of their constituents by partnering with us and pooling leadership and financial resources.
  • We promote the needs of government and schools with corporate and private donors for possible investment., in-kind donations and volunteer support.
  • We influence public sector entities to ensure that the East Bay becomes an attractive and healthy environment for its diverse communities.
  • We advocate on behalf of changes to public policy aimed at providing support for young children to succeed and at advancing economic development for adults and families as defined above.

Philanthropic Sector

  • We identify and work with private foundations and donors to attract their support for young children to succeed and for advancing economic development for adults and families.
  • We seek to form collaborations with private foundations, government, business and non-profit service providers to influence change poseitively impacting young children and families.
  • We convene and lead forums for funders and investors to improve their understanding of crucial needs, challenges, best practices, solutions, and success stories.
  • We create co-investment opportunities in order to pool resources aimed at critical needs.

Non-Profit Sector

  • We identify and work with the most effective non-profit service providers supporting young children to succeed and advancing economic development for adults and families.
  • We provide opportunities for these service providers to participate in collaborations with the East Bay Community Foundation and our partners across sectors.

For More Information

For more information, contact David Pontecorvo, 510.208.0828 or at