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    Financial Advice

    The East Bay Community Foundation partners with individuals, families and organizations to:

  • broaden and deepen philanthropy;
  • assist causes and organizations that make the East Bay a better place; and to
  • provide a source of expertise on the area’s most pressing problems and on those organizations providing solutions to those problems.
  • We provide our clients a wide array of choices of charitable funds complemented by complete services to manage philanthropy, including investment of charitable funds; information on tax advantages; advice on causes and organizations needing and meriting financial support; connections to specific grantees; administrative services for grantmaking; and tracking expenditures of grant money.

    We work behind the scenes to enable our clients to concentrate on the most rewarding part of philanthropy and charitable giving: helping important causes in need.

    With a sound investment policy and prudent guidance by a Finance and Investment Committee composed of top financial investment professionals, we provide clients with investment strategy that meet defined objectives.

    For our clients interested in leaving a legacy, we provide services ensuring their philanthropy lives on.

    For More Information

    For more information about the Foundation and opening a fund with us, please contact

  • Carolyn Doelling, Senior Development Officer, or 510-208-0807.
  • Ken Harootunian, Senior Development Officer, or 510-208-0844.
  • Connections Newsletter

    To access our archive of “Connections” newsletters, which cover local issues and developments in philanthropy for fund holders and community members, click here.