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The goal of our new ESG Pool – our investment pool aimed at social impact investing — is to provide sustainable long-term returns through equities and fixed-income securities in public companies effectively and prudently governed with respect to, for example, their impact on the environment, sustainable business practices, contribution to local communities and promotion of diversity and gender equality in the workplace. Owning these securities enables investors to promote long-term and meaningful change by influencing corporate behavior.

Similar in composition to our Long-Term Pool and designed to achieve returns commensurate with it, the ESG Pool is a strong fit for donors with long-term granting horizons of seven to 10 years or more. Expected annual fees are estimated to be 0.60% per year.

How Does it Work? Is It Right for You?

Our ESG Pool offers an option for doing good with the potential for solid returns. We offer it through an asset manager with more than 25 years of experience in the field of social impact investing and with more than $94 billion in assets under management.

See details on our ESG pool.

And How is ESG Performing?

You can see an analysis of our ESG Pool’s performance, including cumulative returns, trailing annualized returns, and calendar-year returns – as well as an asset allocation summary.

View the numbers.