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Bay Bridge

“Giving away money effectively isn’t easy.  It isn’t something they (wealthy people) ought to try to do in their spare time.  They ought to get an organization set up…that handles the nuts and bolts of what they want to accomplish.”

—Gordon Moore, Co-founder of Intel Corp. and of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, one of the largest charitable trusts in the U.S.  From “Moore’s Rules for Giving It Away,” The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 21, 2012

If you are a professional advisor, it is likely that many of your clients are already making annual gifts to support their favorite charitable organizations. Why not help them give smartly so that they provide for the people and causes they care about as part of their overall financial planning? Why not help them create a rich charitable legacy in their estate plan? The East Bay Community Foundation is a resource and a partner to help you serve your clients’ charitable goals.

The East Bay Community Foundation is a vehicle through which individuals, families, companies and charitable organizations can make gifts, current or planned, to benefit the community. The Foundation currently stewards more than 400 charitable funds and seven supporting foundations. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to advisors and their clients.

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For more information about the Professional Advisor Committee or the Foundation’s services to professional advisors, please contact Alexandra Aquino-Fike, Vice President of Development, at 510.208.0833, or at



Advisor Newsletter – Giving Advice

To access our archive of “Giving Advice,” our newsletter for professional advisors offering information about community foundation giving vehicles and advancements in the field, click here. Note that each issue contains a feature article written by a local author.